Riva 1920

Vero is the fruit of an attempt to create a product simple and immediate, inspiraed by certain objects that in our imaginations evoke memories of real wood and craft skills. The aim of the design was to give a new twist to a genuine icon like the old milking parlour stools. The idea was to carry out a procedure leaving as few traces of disturbance as possible.

to shape the material without making concessions to ornament or superfluous interpretations.
The seat and the legs, positioned at the extremities of the “softened” parallelepiped, created a single volume where the wood removed in the working allows the structure to emerge without freeing it completely.
L. 37 P. 37 H. 42 CM


Design: Efrem Bonacina + Giovanni Moro
year: 2015
materials: cedar solid wood
photo credits: Riva1920