Senato Speaker Case

Pietre di Monitillo + Senato Hotel Milano

Senato speaker is born thanks to a partnership with Senato Hotel Milano and leads to a completely renewed sound system for the public areas of the milanese hotel. Pietre di monitillo‘s speaker wishes to embody the beauty of the invisible, to provide weight to the majesty of good sound through noble materials. Marble is ideal to amplify sound waves thanks to its compactness and homogeneous composition and is insensitive to structural decay, and metal — largely used in musical instruments — obtains crisp vibrations.

Both provide an ideal environment for the bowers&wilkins internal components. The marble elements are available in different configurations, as well as the internal components. any marble disc is cut out from a slab, and finished by hand. senato speaker comes with steel cable lines and brass elements for suspension at roof distance varying from 20 cm to 200 cm.


Design: Efrem Bonacina + Pier Lomascolo
year: 2017
materials: white Carrara marble, Imperial green, brass
photo credits: Senato Hotel Milano