Philips is exploring the new market opportunities offered by the state-of-the-art Lumiblade OLED family developing new product ideas in the consumer space and for everyday use. Lumiblade OLEDs are a new of way of interpreting light: 1.8mm ultra-thin modules, with uniform, anti-glare, warm light emission. A perfectly reflecting mirror turns unexpectedly into an efficient light source by means of a low voltage current. “Mirroled” family is a new idea for small products that can be used at home, in your car, at work…
These modules include a very light LiPo battery that allows for 3 hours always-on operation, and several days of intermittent use.

The battery can easily be recharged with an external 5V battery charger or with a micro-usb cable connected to a computer or a smartphone charger. The case snaps together, with no need for glue or screws and will be made available in a large variety of lively colors. The first prototypes deliver a courtesy light that can be activated by a simple touch. In a second version the OLED source is incorporated in the lid that closes with a small hinge on the side – you can easily imagine make-up, pills, toiletry, contact lenses… into this cosy mirror-oled case that can light up just when needed.


Design: Efrem Bonacina + Giovanni Moro
Project management : Smartsol Sas
year: 2013
materials: ABS, Philips Oled Lumiblade