High production twin column bandsaws.
XT4 is born from years of in-depth research which has ultimately lead to the development of a highly compact unit with no compromise on quality. It has been designed with operator safety being of paramount importance, so at first glance it can appear to be a completely inaccessible. However, on closer inspection the operator is able to access all areas very quickly via specially developed opening systems on either side of the machine.

Even the colour choices which match the historical IMET palette aren’t just for aesthetic reasons, they are utilised to map the functions of individual elements on the XT4. The white panels indicate the previously mentioned opening system, and the turquoise colour groups the ‘control’ aspects of the machine together with the mobile bow – the two main elements on the mechanical side and the operator side.



Design: Efrem Bonacina
year: 2018
materials: steel, alluminium, metal sheet
photo credits: IMET Spa
project team: Valentina Gilardi, Nicola Rota